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Web & Internet


What is a “Domain Name” ?

A doamin name is like a business name but also designates an address or location of a website on the internet.


What is a “TLD” ?

Top level domain (TLD) is the domain name extension that follows a domain name.

Examples are:

.com .net .info .edu .gov .mil .org


What is  ”Website Hosting” ?

Web hosting is an allocated amount of computer space on a web server connected to the internet for you to store your website pages, databases, software and scripts to run your website as well as send and receive email.


What is ” Website Development” ?

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a website for the Internet. It includes things like code programming that runs the site from behind the scenes. Graphic design and page layout look and feel. Also included in website development can be ecommerce shopping functions and automated customer list databases.


Cloud Services


Hosted Exchange (Outlook)

How do I access my Outlook Exchange email via my browser ?

In your browser on any computer and some smart phones go to:



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What is “Business Class Equipment” ?

Business class computer equipment is built with the user and the equipments use in mind. Business Class Equipment when designed and built takes into consideration the number of hours every day the unit will most likey be powered on and in use. Business Classss Equipment is built with the average hours of use per day around twelve hours. Compare this to consumer built equipment that looks at an average of about four hours a day or less use. Business Class Equipment is built with better internal components right from the start ensuring better performance and longer life of the equipment.


What is “Recertified” ?

Recertified equipment with Unison Net has had all hardware tested for quality and performance and has had all software and drivers reinstalled to original new condition with all current updates from Microsoft and DELL. We do not install any trial software or unwanted extras that you have to remove later. All of our laptops are free of viruses and spyware and are ready to use immediatly.


What is “Off-Lease” ?

Off-Lease is a term that refers to equipment that has been used previous and was leased by the original end user / company. At the end of the lease the equipment is returned and the sold by the leasing company at deep discounts over the orginal price. Best value for those looking to obtain powerful business class equipment at a discount.