Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted

Outlook 2013Outlook Exchange in the Cloud

means you get full-featured

Outlook Exchange 2013 service plus:

  • Expert, technically support
  • A migration to securely transition the information in your email software or current cloud provider to Unison Net’s Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted
  • Mobile freedom with support for email, calendar and contacts on virtually any smartphone or tablet – from iPhone and iPad through Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more
  • Enterprise-grade security in world-class data centers and a 99% uptime commitment
  • Time saving benefits like shared calendar sharing your calendar with anyone within your organization using the Unison Net Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted Service
  • Other benefits such as SpamStopper, VirusStopper, and Outlook Backup tools can be added to your Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted service each reasonably priced
  • Your Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted service with Unison Net also includes the Outlook software and license for use with your service at no additional charge. Over a $100 value FREE.
  • No more worries about storage space as your Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted service also comes with unlimited storage per account at no additional cost.
  • Piece of mind with Remote Wipe of mobile devices if lost or broken or upgrading to a newer version included

Outlook Software included

Unlimited storage for Email Contacts & Calendar

Includes real-time Sync to your other devices tablets smartphones


Enjoy the hassle free way to manage your email, contacts & calendar items once, and all your other devices are updated in real time.

Outlook Exchange Cloud Hosted with Unison Net  for pennies per day.


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